About Us - An Overview

FREE Expert Advice and Consultancy for Social Impact!

Mission Jungo is a premier social enterprise in Malawi that provides tailored technical expertise and support to start-ups, SMEs and indigenous NGOs. A number of our services are pro bono while some are offered at nominal fees to meet associated operational costs. 

Jungo is a Latin word that means "connect" and that is the purpose of our existence; to connect with communities, the Government, well-wishers and other stakeholders with the ultimate goal of achieving transformational and sustainable change in our societies and beyond in line with Malawi Vision 2063 and the global SDGs.

Our team comprises of highly energetic, innovative and patriotic professionals such as lawyers, economists, accountants, auditors, computer scientists and others. Most of our primary services are pro-bono as we do consulting and offer expert advice predominantly for social impact with a quick and unparalleled turn-around time. This is a country's first. 

Our Primary Services

1) Supporting Micro and Small Enterprises and NGOs

We provide technical support to individual entreprenuers, groups or clubs and to local NGOs. We help with formulation of comprehensive business plans and organisational strategy, registration and legal issues, completion of documentation for accessing working capital loans from financial institutions, completion and filing of tax returns, new products’ development and setting up efficient processes, systems and networks. We give priority of our support to SMEs run by women and youth (as a way of empowering them) and local NGOs that champion any of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) locally.

2) Facilitating Trainings

Together with our partners, sponsors and other stakeholders, we organise and facilitate training workshops aimed at horning business skills and acumen targeting owners of eligible SMEs and founders of local non-profits. Some modules or topics covered during these workshops include; introductory and intermediate business management and leadership, principles of sales and customer service, basic business law, taxation, marketing, financial and management accounting. 

3) Conducting Surveys and Research

We have experienced and adaptive team that is able to handle simple to complex qualitative or quantitative surveys and research. We do fieldwork and deskwork encompasing systematic data collection, data entry and coding, data analysis using advanced statistical models and systems such as MAXSTAT and SPSS. We also compile comprehensive research reports highlighting groundbreaking insights and recommendations to customers or sponsors. 

This service comes at nominal fees based on the scope and duration of the survey or research. The norminal fees are meant just to cover for operational costs associated with the work such as travels. Our fees are however far much less and thus affordable compared with those of commercial research firms. This is why we come in to make a difference to small and growing businesses and NGOs.

4) Other Services at Nominal Fees

- Programs Designing, Implementation and M&E

- Product Development and Process Re-engineering

- Financial and Systems Audits

- Strategic Plans Review and Assessment

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
The main purpose of existence for Mission Jungo is derived from its name. Jungo is a Latin word that means “connect”, “bring together” or “unite” in English. Thus the mission statement is “to provide a platform that connects skilled and patriotic individuals to create transformational and sustainable change".

Our Vision
To be a leading and reliable social enterprise and a think tank in Malawi and beyond.

Our Values
Our core values are integrity, respect, team-work, drive and innovation. We do not discriminate anyone on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race, religious and political affiliations, marital status and sexual orientation.

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