Conducting Surveys and Research & Other Services

Conducting Surveys and Research & Other Services

We have experienced and adaptive team that is able to handle simple to complex qualitative or quantitative surveys and research. We do fieldwork and deskwork encompasing systematic data collection, data entry and coding, data analysis using advanced statistical models and systems such as MAXSTAT and SPSS. We also compile comprehensive research reports highlighting groundbreaking insights and recommendations to customers or sponsors.

This service comes at nominal fees based on the scope and duration of the survey or research. The norminal fees are meant just to cover for operational costs associated with the work such as travels. Our fees are however far much less and thus affordable compared with those of commercial research firms. This is why we come in to make a difference to small and growing businesses and NGOs.

Our other services at nominal fees are:

- Programs Designing, Implementation and M&E

- Product Development and Process Re-engineering

- Financial and Systems Audits

- Strategic Reviews and Assessment

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